Monday, October 24

Sheffield, UK :: October 24, 1991

Twenty short years ago...

The Black Spring tour relentlessly hammers on without let up! Throngs of the devoted rush to see Miki, Emma, Chris and Steve performing live at venues all across the United Kingdom. And now it's the town of Sheffield's turn.

Tonight LUSH plays Sheffield University. The opening act is Gallon Drunk.

Incidentally, you may or not be wondering who exactly are the London primal-swamp-rock-retro band Gallon Drunk anyways? To answer that very question, I give you this link to their official website: Gallon Drunk - Biography


  1. I was at this gig. It was in the Nelson Mandela Building of the Poly's student union. Unless that was a year later. Can't remember but I definitely saw Lush in the student union building one night, upstairs where they used to put on the regular pop disco night on Saturdays for all the L7s. Great stuff. Thanks for reminding me :)

  2. That's what the blog is here for McClennan... And Thank you for adding your own side of the story to it! ;)