Wednesday, November 15

"Lush: Sweetness and Light" (live) Vancouver, 1996

Lush: Sweetness and Light
Live at the Commodore Ballroom. Vancouver, Canada, April 11, 1996

Unofficial live recording. Offered as an audio CDr. I'm not sure when this was first released, but I found my copy a couple years back. There's audience noise and all but it's not too distracting. The recording quality is okay to good, but the band's performance is excellent. I rate this as one of my favorites. Miki belts out a jagged-edge and Emma, Phil and Chris piledrive away a powerful version of 'De-Luxe' which continues to build to "Hypocrite." Yes, there's sweetness and light... along with a lot of raw rock.

1 Heavenly Nobodies
2 The Childcatcher
3 Lovelife
4 500
5 Single Girl
6 Kiss Chase
7 De-Luxe
8 Light from a Dead Star
9 Undertow
10 Hypocrite
11 Runaway
12 Sweetness and Light
13 Ladykillers
14 Last Night
15 Demystification

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