Sunday, November 12

De-luxe v.2 Video


How do you descibe this with words?? You must watch to truely appreciate the great visual artistry that matches in every way a great piece of music. The most beautiful music video ever made in my opinion, and my all-time favorite. Everything in my world faded away whenever this was shown late Sunday nights on MTV's 120 Minutes, a showcase for indie music which unfortunately in later years choked itself by catering more and more to promoting the media darlings big record labels. But that's an entirely different subject ;)

Fortunately I recorded the Lush videos from the show on to VHS so that I could enjoy them again and again whenever. Now then, when, oh WHEN will the record companies be brave enough, and with the band members' blessing, to offer a professionally recorded collection of all the Lush videos? Should this art be lost to us forever?

We continue to wait . . .

- - - - update - - - -

The audio has been disabled on this video due to the fact that WMG has not authorized this posting... booooo! As I stated earlier, if WMG is so worried about losing a buck by bringing up the copyright issue on a low quality youtube video, than they need to cough up what Lush fans clearly want.

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