Tuesday, November 28

A Web Home Away From Home: "Purple Veins Scenic Greens"

Purple Veins Scenic Greens

Back in the latter 1990's when I first began my online life, I found a wonderful little message board hosted on AOL run by Lush fans. It remember the feeling of how awesome it was to finally connect with others just like myself!

The band was still in the news in those days, and that message board was kept busy daily. Not that there was much to be seen there, due to the limitations of web services in those early days. It was all fan talk.

We'd type in our short praises to Lush, relating back and forth when we first heard the music, what shows we saw (if we were SO lucky!), our shock and saddeness concerning Chris, the relating any rumours of a possible reformation, and the inevitable announcement that the surviving band members would perform together no more.

Fast forward several years and we now have something we could only have dreamed of before. A web-home away from home for the Lush fan which was light years beyond that old message board.

The Purple Veins Scenic Greens Yahoo Group, or PVSG for short, has been around for a while so it has quite a bit to offer the new member, tons of fan-collected photos, hard to find recordings, links to other sites and a much bigger community of fans. Founded in December 2004 by group owner Jen (a.k.a. mladka2000), she is a knowledgable Lush fan who is devoted to making the group the best it possibly can be. Because of that, there is always something new to be found there. In fact PVSG has been so successful that the moderator has been forced to create a PVSG-2 just to store the overflow of files.

As a follower who wants to keep up-to-date with all-things Lush, I have much to be thankful for, especially for a devoted fan like the group's owner.

Job well done, Jen!

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