Friday, November 10

My Tribute

a tribute
a memorial
a shrine

All may be applied to a blog that pales in the brilliance of the subjects to which it respectfully, enthusiatically and humbly pays hommage to.

Together they were called LUSH: Chris, Phil, Emma and Miki.

But then, you obviously already know that ;)

And myself? I'm just another humble fan.

I can't pinpoint the exact moment when Lush found me, here in the heart of America (was it by the local college radio, or through my fave indie/import record shop?). I can only say I was very fortunate, because they found me early on, soon after Gala came out.

How to describe that moment? The dreamy melodies struck me down like an ethereal sledge hammer. I quickly sought out the
'90 Gala album, was transcended by the overwhelmingly deep magic created by it's artists. Then there was the '91 Black Spring ep that soon followed. I obsessed over each consecutive release one after the other. And later, when I saw for the first time those videos, For Love, then De•Luxe ...absolutely Brilliant! There were never any doubts, only positive affirmations. I've been a jealously loyal follower since those early days.

This blog is the newest reincarnation of a humble (and dreadful!) page I created back in 1997 which languished through several forgettable variations over the years. Oh well, perhaps this time I can get it right ;P

I'm having a go as a blogger. My hope is to keep a somewhat current, up-to-the-minute site rather than strictly focusing on the past. The Lush story is not over yet, not for me or any one of the thousands of Lushfans.

So, using the same image of the band that graced my old site, I begin anew. I don't know if it'll work out any better. That's my intent anyway. We'll see where it goes from there...

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