Sunday, November 26

Stratosphere Fanzine Yahoo Group

Stratosphere Fanzine

This one site covers a goodly swathe of my pre-millenial listening habits from those long gone care-free days of yore. It's another Yahoo group I enjoy browsing through for unexpected goodies, which focuses soley on a broad spectrum of alternative music. Interests are mostly of the 90's variety, or if you prefer to hang labels: alternative, indie, rock, pop, shoegazer, guitar, dreampop, new wave, goth, electronic, punk, metal, alt folk, twee... the industrial tag was ommitted, but I'm sure that was just an oversight ;P

Seriously, Jen the group's moderator writes for the DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY music site. She is also a mega-huge Lush fan. There is a ton of exclusive material found here and here alone.

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