Thursday, October 15

'Sweetness And Light', 25th Anniversary

It was twenty-five years ago today that saw the release of 'Sweetness And Light' which introduced many not only to Lush, but to the shoegaze genre itself. It was in my case, hearing this way back when. I already had some exposure to the Cocteau Twins, owned a couple of their EP's and a few others by lesser known bands. This song though wasn't comparable to anything else I'd heard and I quickly sought out an imported copy, unwrapped the plastic packaging, threw the CD on my player and cranked the volume, playing it repeatedly on that distant afternoon. I didn't know thing one about who or what this new band was, but it didn't matter. I loved them. A new fan was born.

Where were you 25 years ago?

LUSH live at the Dome perform 'Sweetness And Light' 1991

Another live performance, mid 1990's during the 'Split' album tour

'Sweetness And Light' lyrics

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