Sunday, October 11

Phil on Shooting 'For Love'

From Facebook - Phil shares his first experience shooting a video as the newest band mate:

"The first video I did with Lush. Don't think I even knew the bass line at this point. The bass - a white Squier Precision - belonged to Emma, guitar nerds - and the leather jacket I wore had previously belonged to Douglas Hart from The Jesus And Mary Chain. The big selling point for the video was that the director was Winona Ryder's cousin. It cost £30,000. My memory was of him constantly disappearing off with our manager. Can't think what they were doing. Our manager's thinking was that somehow this video would help us get MTV Buzz Binned - or something. It did get us on MTV 120 Minutes. The video was shot up on York Way in Kings Cross in the Christmas break of 1992 in a warehouse. I remember it being a long cold walk from Kings Cross station. I still cycle by the location occasionally. Much pouting ensued on the video shoot - mostly by me it seems by the look of it. After having done my close ups Miki said rather witheringly, "you're not as good looking as you think, you know". Oof!"

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