Tuesday, October 27

Meet Drummer Justin Welch

Meet the new face in Lush, drummer Justin Welch.

Born 4 December 1972 (age 42) from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, Justin Welch moved to London in his late teens and studied at London's Drumtech drum school. He played drums in a number of bands in the early 1990s including an early line-up of Suede, where he would first meet Justine Frischmann and Spitfire.

Justin and Elastica, 1990's

In 1996, Welch also formed the Britpop supergroup Me Me Me with Blur bassist Alex James and The Lilac Time frontman Stephen Duffy, who released one single 'Hanging Around'.

Elastica split in 2001 and Welch moved to Devon where he taught drums in secondary and primary schools.

James Atkin and Justin, 2012

In 2012, he was in a duo with former EMF frontman James Atkin called The Asbo Kid. He also played drums for Das Fenster and Oscillator.

In 2013, Welch briefly re-united with Suede for several gigs to replace drummer Simon Gilbert who was unable to play due to contracting tuberculosis.

It was announced, in September 2015, that Welch would play drums in the newly reformed Lush.

A Bit of Trivia:
Justin's talents include making the noises on Elastica's 'Brighton Rock', 'Spastica', and of course the puking sounds in 'Line Up'.


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