Saturday, October 17

Phil's Vapour Trail Interview

New interview with Phil on Vapour Trail Blog-"Lush, the final piece in the shoegazing jigsaw are back and would 'like to get back in the studio'".
'"We've wanted to reform for a few years", Phil said. "It was more that we've all got families and jobs", denying that the Lush reformation was the band's way of riding the crest of the zeitgeit. "And also its 20 years, next year, since we split up, so it's a nice round number". At the moment, Lush have only got June's roundhouse dates chalked up, but King insists that they're just sorting out some more dates for a wider tour, as well as festival appearances.'
'The biggest revelation of our small conversation was that Lush certainly have a desire to get back in the studio, and put out new material, which is something that MBV did extremely successfully a couple of years back, although you'd maybe like to hope it'll take a bit less than five years of being back together to produce some songs. "If we can find time, we'd certainly like to" says King, which is something which is pretty exciting, especially seeing as the band's members have all stayed in music just a little bit since the band's break up, King especially keeping his noise-cred high being a full time touring member of the Jesus and Mary Chain...'
And there you have it, there will be more touring to come and the desire to record new songs... after the details get worked out. 2016 will be the Year of Lush!

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